You want to know the BIGGEST secret to selling anything?


#1 biggest mistake that so many entrepreneurs make in their marketing...

3 powerful copywriting methods for authentic persuasion.

So, no matter your niche, whether it be real-estate, or beauty, or financial services, or personal development or household items… you can write more MESSAGES that make an impact.

You assume your audience believes they can achieve the results you’re promising…

So you focus solely on SELLING your product.

But here’s the thing… you can bash your prospects over the head a million times with

all the amazing features, and bells and whistles and reasons why your product is better than anyone else’s...

if the benefits lie outside your audience’s little mental box of possibility then none

of it matters…

They’ve already decided that whatever you’re selling is just not for them.

And this is the #1 secret to selling anything…

Your products are WHAT your customers buy, not WHY they buy them.

I truly believe that as copywriters, our FIRST job is to help remove the invisible walls that people have built around themselves…

To get them into that dreamer state, the comic book Universe where they believe that anything is possible.

Where they TRANSCEND their limiting beliefs and open up to a whole new world of possibility.

Not only so they’re able to better receive our sales message but so they can be inspired

to transcend in many areas of their life.

This is when your marketing becomes valuable in and of itself...

And it feels so, so good.

This is why it’s important to first know WHO your ideal prospect is and what their

highest values are, so you can be a stepping stone to help them reach their most self-actualized


And if you can do this, you can sell them anything.

So, think about it, what VALUE you are helping your ideal prospect meet.

Is it freedom, security, love, comfort, confidence…

This will become the foundation of the HOOK in your sales message… and it is EVERYTHING.

You could have the 8 other components of an effective offer nailed, but if you don’t have THIS one…

persuasive hook…

You are SOOL.

Of course, there is a A LOT more that goes into writing compelling copy

So if you’re a freelance writer or entrepreneur looking to scale your business with crazy

good copy

Here are 3 methods for writing a more persuasive hook and opening your prospects mind to possibility.

#Number one!!

The first method is through STORY-TELLING

As I’ve said before, we all have blind spots.

Nobody has perfect self-awareness.

Nobody can fully see through the walls they’ve built around themselves.

This is why it’s often easier for us to believe in our friends more than ourselves...

Or why may feel that your friends believe in us more than we believe in ourselves.

Studies have actually shown that we know other people – their patterns, their personalities

and their potential – better than ourselves.

That’s crazy right?

So... what’s the best way to make your reader BELIEVE in what you’re selling.

Tell them a story about someone else, or about you and your quest for a solution to a problem you’ve been experiencing…

And one that they’re likely experiencing for themselves right now.

The story can be real or it can be fictional, it doesn’t really matter, a story is a story.

What matters is that this story allows the reader to step out of their own doubts and


Your story needs to be believable and relatable – enough so that your reader subconsciously


“Wait, this could be me.”

The persuasive message in a story-based hook is: you are not alone.

Number two !!!

SCIENCE Of the best ways to expand your audience’s beliefs is through trusted real-life evidence.

You can use science, or statistics or case studies that build trust and authority around

the concept of your hook…

For example!!!

if you’re selling a meditation product, and your audience just doesn’t believe that meditation can help them, it doesn’t matter how much you try to sell

your product, they are not buying it.

But when you can share trusted real-life evidence, you’re immediately more persuasive

when TIME magazine back on Aug 4, 2003 published a powerful study on the science of meditation.

And this was back in a time when meditation was seen as nothing but new age woowoo mumbo


A science-based hook is about proving the possibility.

Number Three !!!

Writing a persuasive hook: SUPPOSITION

A powerful way to expand your audience’s

belief is to remove one of the biggest mental constructs of them all – TIME.

So take your reader out of the present, out of their current reality, by speaking to them

AS IF they are already experiencing the results you’re promising

With this type of hook, you are inviting your audience to imagine….

To suppose they are already where they want to be.

You are speaking to their highest most-self-actualized self… the THEM that is already taken that leap of faith…

So it’s been said before that people often overestimate what they can do in 1 year and

under-estimate what they can do in 10…

So you want to remove any remove any preconceived notion of time by speaking to your audience in the present tense…

As if the results you’re promising are neither in the future or the past.

They are happening right now…

So, a hook based on supposition is about assuming your prospect’s victory.

Story, Science and Supposition are the trifecta of persuasion…

You’ll know you’ve hit the mark when your message is able to transcend your product...

and create a new, expansive belief in your prospect’s mind…

And then you’ll no longer need to TRY to sell.

You just will.

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